Results & Accomplishments

  • BPDC has updated its By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation
  • BPDC was instrumental in the Development of the Bishop Paiute Gas Station through Federal and Tribal funds and was completed in 1999
  • BPDC was Instrumental in the Development of the Bishop Paiute Casino in cooperation with Bishop Paiute Tribal Council and was completed in 1994
  • BPDC and Bishop Tribal Council negotiated a Build to Suit Lease with Department of Interior and constructed the United States Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management Facility in 2003
  • BPDC negotiated a Build to Suite Lease with State of California and constructed the Department of Motor Vehicles facility in 2006
  • BPDC has re-established there working relationship with Bishop Tribal Council and has monthly meetings to collaborate and create new ideas and improve on existing businesses for the betterment of the Tribe and its members
  • BPDC administers a Loan Program for Bishop Tribal Members.
  • BPDC has partnered with Tribal Employment Rights Office to create a new Indian Owned Company that would solicit bids as a minority Indian Owned Company for Construction Projects such as flagging, installation of infrastructure and other projects which are funded by the State of California. BPDC continues to do its due diligence in preparation of this venture; the TERO program has initiated training to local Tribal members that have interest in gerneral construction. This venture will provide employment opportunities to Bishop Tribal members.
  • A California based Company called California Broadband Cooperative was awarded a grant from the Department of Commerce to provide seven Tribes in the Eastern Sierra with high speed internet access, mainly following U.S. Route 395 between Northern Nevada and Southern California. The purpose of the grant is to deploy high speed internet access infrastructure in economically disadvantaged communities. In 2012 the Bishop Paiute Tribal Council requested BPDC develop a business plan that would include setting up a business where the Tribe or BPDC would act as its own internet service provider and provide service Tribal entities, programs and Tribal member residents. This new business would include training in information technology and create employment opportunity for Tribal members.