Request for Proposal – Food Services Enterprises

Bishop Paiute Development Corporation (BPDC) – Bishop, California
Request for Proposal for Food Services Enterprises


Notice is hereby given that proposals will be received by the Bishop Paiute Development Corporation for the purpose of attracting a food services enterprise to the Bishop Paiute Reservation. The proposed site for development is located on the North West Corner of Tu Su Lane and U.S. Highway 395.

Tourism is the Number One industry in Inyo County and on the Bishop Indian Reservation. A major enterprise that is missing from the Bishop Indian Reservation is fast food. The typical Burger King provides up to 50 jobs and has annual revenues in the neighborhood of $1,400,000.

Review of the various potential franchises and independent operators will inform the BPDC of job growth potential and spin off benefits of locating near other Tribal profit centers with U.S. Highway 395 frontage including the Bishop Paiute Gas Station and pending 60 unit  Bishop Paiute Hotel.

Selected franchise or independent enterprises resulting from the request for proposals will be costed for funding investment and sources of financing will be identified and pursued as part of an implementation plan. Thus, at the end of the year, the project will be ready to implement.

The brown parcel on the corner itself is .55 acres